Domestic Animal Rescue Group

Thinking of visiting DARG?  Here is all you need to know.

Contact Information

2022 Operating hours:

10am – 3pm Monday to Saturday. 10am – 1pm Sunday

Phone: 021 790 0383

Please contact the office directly on or 021 790 0383 to make an adoption appointment.
Give a hoot at the gate to visit our shops or drop off your donations!

We give dogs and cats a second chance

DARG is a pro-life, non-profit organisation that rescues, cares for, sterilises and re-homes previously abused, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs. DARG provides a crucial service for the communities of Imizamo Yethu, Hangberg and the greater Hout Bay area.

Situated on a large plot in Hout Bay, Western Cape, DARG provides shelter for its rescues through housing an extensive cat garden, cat sanctuary, outdoor and indoor kennel areas as well as indoor rooms for those animals in treatment or rehabilitation.

DARG relies on the public’s generosity and support through donations – if you’d like to help, please click here!

DARG NPO number: 026-141-NPO

Our Mission

Our focus is on rescuing, sterilising, rehoming and caring for previously abused, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs. We aim to serve the communities of Imizamo Yethu, Hangberg and the greater Hout Bay area. We do not receive government assistance and solely rely on the goodwill of members of the public. For us to achieve our goals, the help of the community is required in the form of donations, adoptions and volunteering.

  • Reduce the number of unwanted animals and pet overpopulation issue through dedicated spay/neuter programs.
  • Provide for the medical, emotional and medical well-being of every animal, while adhering to our pro-life policy, and find adoptable cats and dogs a loving home.
  • Provide shelter for stray, abandoned and surrendered animals.
  • Improve the quality of life for our shelter animals.
  • Offer affordable wellness services and resources to pets and owners in need, targeting underserved communities, to support whole-life care.
  • Provide educational programs based on the ethical and humane treatments of companion animals.
  • Promote the animal-human bond through outreach, education and therapeutic programs.
  • Serve as compassionate advocates for all animals and instil in our community that all living beings have a right to be treated with respect.
  • Utilize the donations and funding offered to give the animals the best care and facilities available.
  • Prevent cruelty to animals.
  • Advocate on behalf of all animals in crisis to uphold their rights and protection through education and law enforcement efforts.
  • Working with The Underdog Project to help ‘at risk youth’ in the community.
  • Partner with the UBUNTU Vegetable Garden to create an opportunity to change the lives of children, youth and their families.
  • Recruit and train volunteers who will save lives by increasing pet adoptions at DARG, improve the quality of life for the shelter animals, promote spay and neuter, and facilitate outreach and educational activities about the humane treatment of companion animals wherever possible.

Our Vision

DARG strives to be a proficient shelter, setting an example and sharing innovative business ideas with the pet and shelter industry. Our vision is for all adoptable animals at DARG to find a loving home and to ensure the well-being of all companion animals. DARG would fulfil its greatest vision when there is an end to overpopulation, abuse and unnecessary euthanasia through extensive education and continued dedication to our goals.

  • Practice collaboration and cooperation.
  • Embrace diversity and open-mindedness.
  • Practice open, direct and prompt communication.
  • Deal with conflict proactively and responsibly.
  • Promote trust.
  • Demonstrate respect.
  • Support a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Acknowledge the emotional aspects of our work.
  • Show appreciation and gratitude.

Adopt a dog or cat from DARG

Our dogs and cats are waiting to be swept off their paws into loving homes. If you’re interested in adopting from us please note that strict adoption rules and home checks apply.

Adoption Process

When we adopt out a dog or a cat, we want it to be for life. Some of our animals have been through unimaginable hardship and it’s very important to us to know that their forever home is an environment in which they flourish. With this in mind, it is essential that we thoroughly assess each application, and we urge all potential adopting families to consider the commitment they are making. This is why strict adoption rules and home checks apply to every application.

Please note: In some cases follow up visits will be arranged by the team to check how your new family is settling.

A few things to consider

  • When considering a new addition to your family be honest with yourself and carefully consider your daily schedule and your lifestyle. Adoption is a lifetime commitment (+-15yrs) that requires careful consideration and planning.
  • Do you have the time, finances and planning for both short term & long term?
  •  Have you considered where you’ll be living in the future (think 2yrs, 5yrs and 10yrs ahead), can you accommodate your furry family member when you move, if you plan on travelling etc?  If you’re leasing, you are expected to have written consent that your body corporate or landlord allow pets on the property.
  • Puppies require plenty of training, socialisation and supervision in order to be well-adjusted adult dogs.  Do you have the time and finances for this? The benefit of adopting a DARG rescue is that our resident certified Animal Behaviourist and Trainer is always available to assist and answer your queries.
  • Puppies and rescue dogs require house training, positive obedience training and regular medical attention.  An older animal may already have some basic skills and may not be so demanding of your every minute, yet consider dogs and cats can live happy, healthy lives right into their teenage years.  Dogs and cats require regular veterinary check-ups, some require special nutrition or emergency care.
  •  Are you a busy person who is rarely at home?  Perhaps a high energy dog or very young puppy who requires attention around the clock, socialisation and training is not the right match for you.
  • Tiny kittens also require a watchful eye 24/7, so if you’re out and about a lot, perhaps an adolescent or adult cat is a better fit for you.
  • Be realistic!  Don’t get a dog because you want to start jogging in the new year, impulse decisions can result in adopting for the wrong reasons.  Dogs and cats who are bored and whose daily needs cannot be met may resort to problematic behaviours.

DARG requires that their rescue cats & dogs are very much part of the family.  Please note that DARG has strict home checks and adoption contract terms and conditions that apply.

Take all these factors into account before adopting.  Our resident certified Animal Behaviourist and Adoption Office Staff are available to help you find the perfect match!

Contact us for more info on the adoption process.

Support DARG Shops

On-site Bookshop

Mon – Sat: 10am – 3pm

Sun: 10am – 1pm

There are amazing books on sale at incredible prices (ranging from R10 up)


On-site Garage Shop

Mon | Wed | Thurs | Fri 11am – 3pm

Sat: 11am – 2pm

Second hand clothing, books, DVDs, CDs, bric ‘n brac, household goodies, kitchenware, appliances in working condition, furniture, kids games, artwork, decor items, gardening things & other tools, golf clubs, pet toys, accessories, bedding & clothing…so many great bargains!!

DARG Book Store

Easy ways to donate to DARG

DARG relies on the public’s generosity and donations to keep afloat. We’re a registered non-profit organisation.  NPO number: 026-141-NPO

Donate via SnapScan

Scan the barcode to donate directly to our fundraising account

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DARG Trust Account

Using the details below, deposit directly into our account

FNB: 62471702897
Branch code: 201409
Ref: your telephone number/ or email address

Donate via Payfast

The PayFast Cause Directory is a list of charities that use PayFast to accept donations. Here you can safely and securely make charitable online donations.

DARG Debit Order Form

Download and complete the debit order form below, then email it to

DARG Debit Order Form

Secure Donation Service

Support DARG through our quick, secure online link operated by our approved affiliate, Secure Donation Services – CLICK HERE

About SDS

SDS is a full service agency, providing a unique spectrum of fundraising services including:

  • SMS Donation Platform
  • Database Creation & Management
  • SMS Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Debit Order Administration
  • Play-it-forward Card Campaign

Our dedicated team ensures that our charitable partners achieve their organisational objectives with the backing of a sustainable revenue model.

Campaign Banking Details

  • Account Name: DARG
  • Bank Name: First National Bank
  • Branch: Adderley Street
  • Branch Code: 201409
  • Account Number: 62471702897
  • Account Type: Current

SMS Donation


  • Dog and Cat Tick & Flea Control (Bravecto / Frontline)
  • Verimark type sponge mops
  • Soft and hard brooms
  • Plastic spray bottles
  • Dog and cat brushes
  • Muzzles for on-site vet visits (small and medium)


  • Rubber KONG toys
  • Puzzles for dogs and cats
  • Tennis and soccer balls
  • Cat toys
  • Plastic “half-shell”sandpits (Mambos, Plastics For Africa)
  • Agility equipment, tunnels, hula hoops, plastic cones
  • Medium and large-sized harnesses


  • Register as a regular Volunteer – there is always plenty to do at DARG
  • Register as a dog-walker (contact DARG for further information on orientation classes) ADOPT-A-CAN.
  • Help distribute and look after DARG coin collection cans


  • If you are looking for a pet consider adopting a Furry from DARG (Ts&Cs apply)
  • Foster info


  • Wet and Dry food for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens
  • Beeno biscuits
  • Dog treats, smoked ostrich bones (no rawhide chews please)
  • Peanut butter (salt and sugar free, no xylitol)
  • Cow hooves
  • Catnip


  • Shadecloth
  • Rolls of sturdy fencing
  • Astroturf
  • Aluminium roofing sheets
  • Bricks
  • Cinderblocks
  • Interlocking paving
  • Stable doors
  • Hinged security gates
  • Door latches and bolts
  • Shelving and wall brackets
  • Cement
  • Stone
  • Cable ties (large)
  • Plastic / metal garden rakes
  • Good quality hosepipes with fittings
  • Razorwire for perimeter wall
  • Saws, drills, hammers, other equipment
  • Black heavy duty plastic rubbish bin bags


  • Rubber KONG toys
  • Puzzles for dogs and cats
  • Tennis and soccer balls
  • Cat toys
  • Plastic “half-shell”sandpits (Mambos, Plastics For Africa)
  • Agility equipment, tunnels, hula hoops, plastic cones
  • Medium and large-sized harnesses


  • JOJO kennels: R1500 each
  • Fleece blankets
  • Puppy and dog jerseys
  • Large plastic dog beds (Mambos, Plastics For Africa)
  • Hot water bottles
  • Panel heaters x 10


  • For only R350 you can SPONSOR-A-SNIP!
  • This FREE Pet Sterilisation program for pets in the disadvantaged Hout Communities helps reduce unwanted litters which lead to neglect, roadside pet selling, strays and abandonment.


  • Fresh veggies (butternut, carrots, cucumbers and zucchini )
  • Straw & Oat Hay
  • Chicken Feed
  • Shandy Cubes

Become a DARG volunteer

PLEASE NOTE: All volunteering for under 18s on site has been suspended until further notice due to the pandemic.

Bookings for all volunteering is essential.

Volunteering for adults: DARG welcomes all volunteers over the age of 18. Due to the nature of our work and the fact that we are a working shelter, each volunteer is required to complete a mandatory orientation before interacting with any animals. Orientations can be booked through the DARG office and occur at 10am every second Tuesday of the month.

Volunteering for kids: Currently suspended due to the pandemic.

DARG always appreciates extra helping hands. If you’re over 18, interested in volunteering, but aren’t sure what it’s going to involve, please contact the office to find out how you can assist. Whatever your skills and interests, there’s a way you can contribute!

  • You can choose how often and when you volunteer. It is great if you can commit to a regular day to come in, but we understand that this is your free time. Our volunteer times for dog walking is between 9am and 1pm daily.
  • Volunteers can do different types of work. You aren’t forced to do any tasks you aren’t comfortable with. Some people brush cats and dogs, some spend time sitting in the DARG Cat Garden or help out with walking dogs.  Others help with cleaning of rooms, washing of litter trays and food bowls etc.
  • You can also offer your help by sorting and pricing goods for the DARG Garage Sales, you can help with weeding and gardening, doing environmental clean-ups on the farm and along the river bank, or by doing simple handyman work, tiling and painting, fixing of kennels and fences etc.
  • Even if you can’t come in to volunteer at the DARG Centre there are ways to help. Refer people to this website. Forward the details of animals looking for homes to your friends by networking their profiles both from this website and from DARG Facebook.
  • Collect dog and cat food and newspapers at your school or work. Donate old household goods, books, secondhand clothing to DARG to sell at the monthly garage sales for fundraising.
  • Link from your blog or website to ours. Or chat to our staff or fundraising team to find other ways to put your skills and connections to good use.

If you’d like to volunteer, CONTACT US!

And to our existing volunteers – THANK YOU!

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2022 Operating hours:
Mon – Sat 10am – 3pm | Sun 10am – 1pm
Main Road
Hout Bay
Cape Town
Western Cape
Phone: 021 790 0383
Email: DARG Office & Adoptions

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